Version 2.0 Sneak Peak


Timebox version 2.0 will be available soon and we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the patent-pending features we have been working on for the past few months. 

  • It’s still about your stories.
  • Add photos to new stories and existing stories from many sources at once including Dropbox!
  • New 3D photo browser by date with geographic location information for photos taken with your iOS devices.
  • Create long lasting artifacts:
  •      Hardcover books
  •      Softcover magazines
  •      Laser engraved aluminum cubes - preview your cube in 3D
  • Timeline customization features.


If you already have Timebox you will see the update as soon as it is available from the App Store. If you do not have Timebox download it today. 

We appreciate all the feedback we have received and would love to hear more from you. All comments welcome!

Thank you for helping us make Timebox a better app.

June 10, 2013


My Mom’s Stories

Admittedly we have been having trouble getting a blog post out. We are working hard on the next version of Timebox that will be out early this Summer.

On a recent visit to my hometown, Milwaukee, WI, my Mom loaded me up with her family photos and the stories to go with them. I was so involved in our conversation that I almost missed my flight home. Later when I confronted my notes and the manilla envelope of photos I was lost. I figured out my list of descriptions numbered 1-48 referred to the scanned photos in the corresponding order. But what about the picture with the written note “engagement picture” but not sure which one or the story about the fire and being carried down the ladder?

I will see my Mom this weekend and will fill in the blanks. I will create a new category in Timebox called My Mom’s Stories and every story will be an entry.

There is also an envelope of photos with pictures of me and my 6 siblings when we were little. I will create another new category called When We Were Small and every story will be an entry.

The upcoming version of Timebox will include the ability to create custom paper books so I will be able to easily share my Mom’s memories with her and my Dad, my siblings and my 15 nieces and nephews. Since ebooks are available today, there may be no reason to wait.

I can’t wait to be further along in this project and talking (arguing?) to my family about our past — so fun!

We have been getting great feedback and appreciate every single comment! Please keep the suggestions coming and if you could rate us in the App Store or add a brief comment - we would appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

Mary Ellen

[And thanks to PlaceIt by Breezi]

April 23, 2013


Tips for using Timebox


Good friends of ours were recently married and they shared their stories and a few of their favorite photos* via Timebox.

From their experience we realized that a few features of Timebox may be a bit hard to discover or unintentionally difficult to use. We hope the tips below help make Timebox easier and more fun to use.






Adding photos directly from iPhoto on your Mac
If you have a lot of photos (for example, a zip file of all the photos from your wedding photographer), first add them to a folder on your Mac and then import them into iPhoto (File > Import Into Library). Then open the iPhoto Preferences dialog box (iPhoto > Preferences…), tap on Sharing and then enable “Share my photos.” You can then directly access all your photos (by iPhoto album if you like) wirelessly from your iPhone/iPad. In other words, you don’t have to sync all of them with your iOS device. Instead Timebox allows you to directly grab only the photos from iPhoto that you want when you tap Add Photos.


Adding photos directly from Facebook
Timebox also has direct photo add from Facebook. So if you have some photos on Facebook, you can open a new Entry or edit an existing one, tap Add Photos, then tap Facebook. Once you go through the usual iOS and Facebook app approval steps, you can wirelessly pull any photos you like from one of your Facebook albums directly into your Timebox. You can also add photos you were tagged in.

Viewing and zooming your photos
When you share a Timebox page or make an ebook, Timebox creates a PDF for you. Timebox “down samples” the photos to 300 DPI (dots-per-inch) in the PDF so the PDF doesn’t get too big. When you view the PDF on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone you can zoom in to the photos and see a lot of detail. If you’re viewing your photos in Timebox itself, you can zoom in and see the full resolution of the photos since we always retain the photos at full resolution (unlike Facebook, which downsamples them). To zoom in and pan around on any photo in Timebox, just tap the photo (except while in Edit mode).


Sharing your stories via email, posting on Facebook or Tweet
Just tap the share button and choose your method of sharing.

Timebox on all your devices
If you have some photos on your iPhone and some on your iPad, with the  Timebox Cloud Sync and Backup upgrade, you can edit your Timebox entries or add photos on any device and you’ll always have a synchronized copy on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Simply tap the Options tab in Timebox and purchase the Cloud Sync and Backup upgrade for $2.99. The upgrade also comes with an additional 8GB backed up cloud storage.

Congratulations Toni and Tad!!!

* Toni and Tad’s wedding photo by Dennis Kwan Weddings.

March 25, 2013


Timebox Feedback


We appreciate all the thoughtful reviews that people have posted in the App Store and the comments that have been sent to us directly. We are interested in building an app that people think is truly useful and we are very focused on that goal.

However it takes time to find out what people want and then to build it (building always seems to take a bit longer than we think). So we are constantly collecting a list of requested features and will add them to future updates as soon as we can.

We love hearing from you and would like to address a couple of recent questions:
  1. Timebox does not require your name or birthday. However, Timebox works better if it has a starting date on which to base the Timeline, Yearbook, etc. But as we say in the Welcome page help text, both of these are “optional” in the sense that you can enter anything you like but you must enter something.
    Your name and birthdate are completely private and only stored in your Timebox. We NEVER use them for anything external to your Timebox.
  2. When your device is normally backed up, your Timebox will be included in that backup. We offer the Timebox Cloud Service in case you would like to purchase extra “archival” storage and multi-device sync.
  3. image You can easily create a free PDF of any entry in your Timebox by taping on the share button imagewhile viewing an entry. The basic ebook artifact, available on the Artifacts page, is also now free (as of version 1.3) and we will soon offer different ebook designs for $0.99.
  4. Dropbox will soon be added to Timebox as a source of photos.
Please tell us how you think Timebox can be a better app - we’re listening. Send us email ( or


February 19, 2013


Ebooks are now free in Timebox 1.3!

image From a teacher “I LOVE Timebox! It is clear, beautiful, and easy for my [students] to use almost daily as an archive of their ah-ha moments and life events…I cannot afford to pay the $.99 for each [student’s] ebook creation. My school does not have enough funding to pay for it either. I need a free way of having access to their entire creations. Otherwise, it’s on an iPad unable to be shared and therefore useless to me as a teacher.”
We wanted to help so we decided to offer our basic ebook to everyone for free. In the future, we will offer a selection of additional ebook designs for $0.99, but the basic ebook design will always be free.
Two additional features in Timebox version 1.3:
  • Improved Timeline view scrolling performance;
  • Tap on a photo in the Yearbook view to zoom to full screen.
We appreciate all your comments and feedback. Please keep them coming.
February 8, 2013


What’s new in Timebox 1.2

Photo Date Editing

Version 1.2 of Timebox is now available with the following new features:

  • Edit the dates on photos. This is especially useful when you add older photos to your Timebox.
  • Add and view unlimited text in detail fields.
  • Timeline and Yearbook improvements.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

We thought you might be interested in some of the ways that people are using Timebox. We’ve heard from people who are using it for:

  • A photo journal for trips and parties
  • Collecting personal medical information
  • Tracking employment history
  • A portfolio for paintings and quilts
  • Special family recipes
  • Keeping pictures of belongings for insurance purposes
  • Recording fishing and gardening data
  • Remembering memorable wines and dinners
  • Collecting cherished family photos and physical objects by scanning them or taking pictures of them with their iPad or iPhone and adding them to Timebox

We hope you like the new features. Please let us know what you think and if you have any problems or suggestions for the app.


January 28, 2013


Libraries and Personal Archiving

For a number of years the Library of Congress and libraries around the world have been working to raise awareness about digital archiving by institutions, communities, families and individuals. Many personal digital materials and collections are at risk for lots of reasons including natural disasters, lost passwords, equipment failure, lack of backups, etc. 

The Library of Congress offers specific suggestions for keeping all sorts of personal digital materials and we think that Timebox provides a very useful tool for collecting and keeping photos and stories. Timebox is a simple-to-use, free app for personal digital archiving that can help librarians and their patrons start building their archives today. 

Getting started can be the hardest part but all you have to do is add a photo or a story to Timebox and another and another…the more memories you add the more valuable your Timebox becomes.

And then there are the single-entry and ebook artifacts that you can create with the tap of a button to keep for yourself or share.

imageBecause we are very interested in talking to librarians about personal digital archiving we will be exhibiting at the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, Jan. 25-29, booth #338.

We are also very excited to have been accepted to present a poster/demo at the Personal Digital Archiving 2013 conference that will be held at the University of Maryland Feb. 21-22.


We love libraries (maybe because our CEO has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science) and look forward to learning more about how we can help librarians lead their community’s archiving efforts.

January 9, 2013


1.1 Update Available

Timebox Category CustomizationYou spoke and we listened. We have taken your valuable feedback and the lessons learned, since our launch in October, to create Timebox version 1.1.

The most common suggestions have been turned into new features including customization, pinch-zoom, keeping original size and resolution for photos (except for the iPad 1) and a reduced list of default categories.

You can now make Timebox your own by customizing the list of categories and entries.

With pinch-zoom you can zoom most photos (not all photos are zoomable).

Photos are no longer down-sampled so you will always have the original.

You are now presented with a smaller list of categories making it easier to get started.

We also added bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve your all-around Timebox experience.

We hope you have fun creating Timebox entries and ebooks and sharing them with friends and family. 

Please let us know what you think. All comments and feedback welcome.

Thanks for your help making a better Timebox. 

December 19, 2012


Photo Collecting Made Simple

We chose photos as the first thing you could collect in your Timebox because everyone has them.

Speaking for myself, my photos are a mess and finding the one I am looking for can be a pain. 

There are a couple of ways Timebox makes collecting photos easier:
  • After tapping the Add Photos button, I can select a source - iPhone, Facebook, Mary Ellen’s Photos on my Mac or Len’s Photos on his Mac (we enabled Sharing in iPhoto preferences so they show up in Timebox - see screenshot below). I love seeing the photos in Len’s iPhoto library and importing the ones I want into my Timebox. Not too long ago, prints would have been the only way I could see those photos.
  • After I’ve set the date for my Timebox entry, the list of photos in the source library will automatically scroll to the photos for that date - no manual scrolling required.
We will be adding more sources for all sorts of digital things in future updates — stay tuned.
November 15, 2012


Everyday Events

Timebox isn’t just for collecting important or special events and memories.Steve Winwood and Wood Brothers concert It’s also great for just collecting everyday events as they happen. 

We went to a concert last night here in Seattle and between bands I made a Timebox entry for the concert on my iPhone. I first included a couple photos of the first band. Then when we got home, I added a couple more photos I took of the second band. I shared a copy of the entry page with my brother and a friend because they’re both fans of the bands too.

Here’s what my entry looks like, even though my new iPhone 5 camera had a little trouble with the contrast of the stage lighting (tap the thumbnail to see the actual PDF that I shared):

November 13, 2012